Pool demand   Build buying power

Join together to optimize price and profitability

Group buying

Delivered on a reliable platform from Aggregation Commerce

Automated negotiation

Synchronizes marketplace operators, sellers, and buyers

Demand-driven commerce

Creates large orders efficiently with lower distribution costs and higher total profit

Marketplace Operators and Sellers

See honest demand curves     Fill larger orders      Increase revenue

Add a better way for your customers to buy

Buy Now

Search to find a supplier. Go there and buy now.

Receive Later

Wait 1-5 days for delivery. Order on-line on better terms.

Buy Better

Pool demand with other buyers to leverage a better deal than anyone could get alone.

Search Engines, Portals, & Social Communities

Pool visitor demand    Improve buyers’ prices & terms    Monetize traffic

Enhance search process to monetize fulfillment

Capture pent-up demand

Leverage the power of communities, circles, and searches to pool prices and terms from which buyers choose — better than retail or static on-line offers.

Create virtual buying groups

Enable shoppers to anonymously join pools to leverage their buying power. Create interest-specific social groups for repeat purchases.

Extend your information value

Go beyond simple search and intent to learn demand patterns, calculate market-clearing prices, and capture purchases.

Entrepreneur Partners

Launch your market-clearing platform    Create an efficient marketplace

Aggregation Commerce holds three patents and software that enable group buying and dynamic price matching. We seek entrepreneur partners with knowledge of markets where group buying can empower more efficient buying and selling.

Group-buying Markets

Key elements of markets ripe for demand-driven commerce

Low variable or customization costs: electronics, bicycle tours or components, appliances

Multiple suppliers: certificates of deposits, municipal bonds, large block trades, gift cards

Repeat purchases, consumables, or subscriptions: pet food, cases of wine, books

Substitutable brands and suppliers: print & online advertising, restaurant spirits, printer paper, PCs specified by attributes

Perishable services: hotel rooms, cruise cabins, restaurant seating, produce delivery

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